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GRD for Freebasic (Windows only)

Started by James Klutho, April 15, 2017, 11:51:37 PM

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James Klutho

Well I have been taking a shot at another grid the last few weeks.  Paul, I like your editor.   I have learned a lot from my previous attempts and this is my first with wide strings and can be compiled to 64 bits. So much else has been simplified.  Too bad Freebasic doesn't support dynamic wide strings.  I hope my method is stable.  No docs to this puppy yet.  This is to be considered an alpha.  I have no plans at this time for split grids, frozen panes or merged cells etc.  This control will be pretty basic.  Some stuff is in there as placeholders and hooks but I have not even tested to if it works.  The cell formats are a part of the wstring.

I have never venture past the ANSI world.  What I need is for someone of a Non-English language to put a font in the demos to see if it works as intended.  Look for the code below and put in your Font.  If it is not working as intended, check out the sub in the include file and give me some suggestions.  Thanks

   mywstr = "Arial"
   GRD_MakeStandardFont(hGrid,MyWstrPtr,10) 'Pick your standard font

Beyond getting the major bugs out and making in High DPI aware (my first attempt at that), I probably will not update the code.  When the code looks stable, I will post it on the Freebasic site.

Next I want to dive into Jose's Afx and maybe make a print control in the spirit of DDOC but with pdfs - boy that will be a learning.

Thanks to all

I made some improvements and bug fixes.  GRD_1 is my official release.  No formal documentation - you will have study the example source code.  Hopefully I used enough of the control to get you going.  I will let the Freebasic folk know where to find it.

Paul Squires

Hi Jim, looking awesome! Great job and a very welcome addition to the FreeBasic toolbox. A grid control is sorely missing from FB tools as is a versatile print control. Very pleased to see this code today.  :)
Paul Squires
PlanetSquires Software
WinFBE Editor and Visual Designer

James Fuller

  Does it provide multi-line column headings?


James Klutho

Yes.  The code is there but I have not tested yet.  Jim

James Klutho

Just updated the Grid Control.  I guess this can be regarded as the release.  The original post has the updated download.