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Author Topic: Steps to follow for using FF & WSA together  (Read 699 times)

Patrice Terrier

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Steps to follow for using FF & WSA together
« on: April 08, 2004, 09:11:45 AM »

Here is a method that would show users how to get FireFly and Winlift working together:

Ask FF to create the resulting EXE *not* in your project folder,
but in a common folder holding:
- *.skl (skin files)
- skengine.dll, sksdkapi.dll.
-, file.
This way you won't have to duplicate the DLLs over all your release folders.

When you start a FF project you must first include the SKSDKAPI.INC file
then compile the project at least once using the F5 key,
this will insure you can access the "code editor" tab to add the WSA calls
inside of the WM_CREATE callback function like this:
Code: [Select]
Function FORM1_WM_CREATE (hWndForm As Dword) As Long
    IF WSAstart("winlift.skl") THEN
       CALL skSkinWindow(hWndForm, "Dock|Undock|Minimize|Maximize|Restore|Close", %SKEFF_FASTDISPLAY)
    END IF
End Function
Note: In the above example, you must replace "WSAstart" with the good WSA init call.

Here is a screen shot showing you what to do: