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Author Topic: Windows 10  (Read 1804 times)

Klaas Holland

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Windows 10
« on: July 26, 2017, 06:13:52 AM »

In the newest update of Windows 10 it is not possible to change the Font of the Program-Title anymore.
So we have to change this Font in the Form of the program.
However this is not possible in FireFly.
How do we solve this problem?

The next items are concerning other Windows versions too.

On starting FF mostly it starts with a vage screen and the windows-message FF does not react.
After half a minute and a couple of clicks on the screen it does start.

After clicking the Open Project Button the Open Project Form opens with the Existing Tab.
You have to click the Recent Tab twice to see that page.
When the Open Project Form starts with the Recent Tab as when starting FF then the problem should be solved.