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Author Topic: Extended Firefly v3.78  (Read 2015 times)

Marc Pons

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Extended Firefly v3.78
« on: August 11, 2017, 07:37:00 AM »

Back again to Firefly and FreeBasic.....
Here my last evolution of the extended Firefly features

This extended version of FireFly for FreeBasic extends the possibilities of the the original application.
mainly to be able to create  GUI  Dll   ...  (for 32 or 64 win os)

more info on the .chm file included

It will upgrade features for Firefly 3 freeBasic version.

To install  Extended FireFly_FB_37

You have to

1- Get the original application   

2- Install it.
   run  Firefly37.exe  and configure it to work correctly.

3- Upgrade it with with that extended version.
    Just Unrar the RAR File : Upgrade_FireFly_FB_378.rar
    and put all the content on your existing installation folder, that's all.

   If you are not more interested on that features , you can delete freely :

    - FB_FF_37+.exe
    - FB-FF3_37+.dll
    - Firefly37+.exe  (if exists)
    - FBFF3.mnu
    - Firefly+.chm
    - zTrace32.dll
    - zTrace64.dll
    - libzTrace32.dll.a
    - libzTrace64.dll.a

To use  FireFly_FB_37 Extended

First configure normally your options using Firefly37.exe
and when done , close and forget it.  (never needed to run it after)

then just run : FB_FF_37+.exe  that's all
never run FireFly37+.exe nor FireFly37.exe directly !   

run only  FB_FF_37+.exe
FB_FF_37+.exe  is a launcher,
in fact  it will  create(if not existing) and launch the file FireFly37+.exe
(which is an updated/extended FireFly37 program)

and it also "pluggs" an hooked dll : FB_FF3_37+.Dll to that program.
That dll will add the new toolbar / menus possibilities to the standard interface.