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Author Topic: Declaring objects(?) controls(?)  (Read 1682 times)


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Declaring objects(?) controls(?)
« on: September 09, 2017, 10:54:11 AM »

Just started with Firefly and Freebasic.  For my first program I get or something similiar.

 Variable not declared, frmStartForm in 'frmStartForm.txtText01.text = "file selection"'

I've looked through documentation and sample programs...can't find a reference.  To start, all I'm trying to do is a standard opening form with a conventional menu setup across the top ( with vertical menu items for each horizontal menu item.  I used the menu make to generate a simple menu and code...and I'm trying to put a text box in one of the case statements.  That's when I get the above error.

I  like FF and FB...give me some challenging stuff to do in my retirement.  Haven't been able to locate current and complete documentation in printable format (pdf) which would help me  a lot.  Thanks

Paul Squires

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Re: Declaring objects(?) controls(?)
« Reply #1 on: September 09, 2017, 12:14:31 PM »

FireFly does not use a dot syntax like you are trying to use. To set text use one of the FireFly Functions found in the Functions Library (F8). Also, read the section called "Handles and Control IDs" int he help file.

FF_Control_SetText( HWND_FRMSTARTFORM_TXTXTEXT01, "file selection")

Search this forum if you have trouble. There are hundreds of FireFly posts that show syntax usage. FireFly assumes knowledge (or willing to acquire knowledge) of WinAPI. The FireFly Functions are a simple subset of wrappers that help you do basic functions. To create really powerful programs you need to known fundamentals of WinAPI and how messages and event handlers work.

There is no complete documentation because it would be impossible for me to duplicate the wealth of WinAPI resources and documentation already available.

When I finish the visual designer in the new WinFBE Editor, I will be using a dot syntax and it will have a much deeper and rich command set built on top of Jose Roca's WinFBX framework.
Paul Squires
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