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Author Topic: WinFBE 2.0.9 not using compiler options  (Read 232 times)


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WinFBE 2.0.9 not using compiler options
« on: March 22, 2020, 08:58:38 AM »

I am a first time user of WinFBE and just did a fresh installation of WinFBE 2.0.9 64 bit. For my project I tried to set the compiler to use -lang fblite by putting -lang fblite in both the the Project->Project Options->Other Options entries and also checking the Options->Build Configurations->Language compatibility check boxes. Even though this is done, this option is not passed to the compile command line when Compile->Build and Execute is selected. Ouput is shown below. It also appears the the default options for the build (i.e. Win64 GUI (Release)) have not been passed (i.e. -s gui).  The options appear to be in .wfbe file but the are not used.

Failed Compile (Errors 11 Warnings 0 [2020-03-22 04:23:39])

Command Line:
F:\Files\Programming\WinFBE_Suite\FreeBASIC-1.07.1-gcc-5.2\fbc64.exe -c -b "C:\Users\Paul\Documents\MP3Read\READMP3_SUBS.bas" -v -o "..wfbe\READMP3_SUBS64.o"

FreeBASIC Compiler - Version 1.07.1 (2019-09-27), built for win64 (64bit)
Copyright (C) 2004-2019 The FreeBASIC development team.
target: win64, x86-64, 64bit
compiling: C:\Users\Paul\Documents\MP3Read\READMP3_SUBS.bas -o ..wfbe\READMP3_SUBS64.c
C:\Users\Paul\Documents\MP3Read\READMP3_SUBS.bas(221) error 148: Suffixes are only valid in -lang deprecated or fblite or qb, found 'string' in 's8 = string$(8,0)'
C:\Users\Paul\Documents\MP3Read\READMP3_SUBS.bas(225) error 148: Suffixes are only valid in -lang deprecated or fblite or qb, found 'str' in 'print

Paul Squires

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Re: WinFBE 2.0.9 not using compiler options
« Reply #1 on: March 22, 2020, 09:23:26 AM »

Thanks - I'll have to dive deeper into the code but I see a couple of things so far:

- You have set up the project to be a "Visual Designer Project". Such a project *must* always be -lang FB because a lot of the backend code generation code will not work otherwise (you will get a lot if WinFormsX and WinFBX code errors).

- You have two *.bas files in the "Modules" branch of the explorer tree. These will be compile to *.o object files and linked to your main *.bas file. Is this what you intend to do? It may be a whole lot simpler to just move those two files to the "Normal" branch and add this code in your *.bas file:

#include once "READMP3_SUBS.bas"
#include once "FindFiles_SUBS.bas"

Granted, having said that, it does kind of look like compiler option switches may not be being passed down to the compiler just compilation of the individual *.o object files. I will definitely check into that.

If you remove -lang "fblite" then you will have to contend with the countless number of keyword suffix issues. I used the Find/Replace functionality to search for the $ symbol and replace it with nothing. Took about a minute. I wish that FB only had the -lang "FB" option :-)

Keep asking questions. Myself and others here will get your project up and running.

As you can see, there is very little documentation for the editor at this point. Sorry about that.
Paul Squires
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WinFBE Editor and Visual Designer


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Re: WinFBE 2.0.9 not using compiler options
« Reply #2 on: March 22, 2020, 01:53:37 PM »

I was going to do the find and replace.  I just wanted to report the compiler options not being passed.  Thanks for the other tips.