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WinFBE And Notepad++ (Odd Behaviour Department)

Started by SeaVipe, June 01, 2022, 03:15:26 PM

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Hi Paul,
Two observations: 1. I use WinFBE maximized on my main monitor and Notepad++ maximized on a second monitor. I don't recall exactly which WinFBE version it started with but when tabbing between modules in WinFBE, each mouse click will make Notepad++ display Odd Behaviour - the left Panel in Notepad++ refreshes with each WinFBE tab clicked. (The same refresh happens when WinFBE loses focus.)

2. When I run an app developed in WinFBE that has a main menu and the app is just starting, its main menu flashes rapidly on and off for several seconds - simultaneously the same flashing occurs with the Notepad++ main menu.
There are other Odd Behaviours but the above are the most obvious.
There is nothing bad happening, no data loss, just some sort of connection between the programs.
This may be my monitors (both are connected to my PC via Display Port connections) as for the first time I am seeing this behaviour with an old version of Paint Shop Pro (seldom run) whose colour picker I've been using to set Dark Theme RGB colours.
On MS Outlook, the frame around MAIL flashes in unison with my apps main menu. Maybe it's a Windows 10 issue?
Clive Richey

Paul Squires

Hi Clive, such behaviour that you are seeing is baffling to me. WinFBE has no ties whatsoever to NotePad++ or any other program.

The only thing that I can think of is that somehow when I am issuing a call to repaint a window that it is somehow affecting other programs. Personally, I can't see how that is even possibly because all of my manual screen paint requests act on HWND's within WinFBE (unless maybe there is somehow an HWND with a value of ZERO which corresponds to the desktop's HWND handle of zero as well).
Paul Squires
PlanetSquires Software
WinFBE Editor and Visual Designer